The Lift – Part Two – We are Sailing….

The relief that we had actually got off the mud was quickly overtaken by panic as we then needed to do a three point turn in quite a narrow channel. Interesting to say the least but swiftly executed.

And we were off. The journey was probably only about a mile downstream but it was quite a strange experience. Without a top, the boat is essentially a big floating platform so feels quite exposed, and despite being museum-worthy it goes at quite a rate. Again excuse the slightly duff commentary on the video..

<p><a href=”″>Down the river</a> from <a href=”″>helen symonds</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

I even took the wheel at one point (the point where the river was very straight and wide). The obnoxiously pink bobble hat was intentional. If things all went tits up, I would be easier to spot and fish from the river.


The wharf where the crane was waiting for us soon came into view.20131208-224738.jpg






Gizzi wouldn’t be fulfilling her role as First Mate and Official Ship’s Dog if she didn’t come too. She did look pretty bemused throughout. Quite a lot for a little puppy to take in.


The wharf couldn’t come a moment too soon as with seconds to go the engine faltered and ran out of petrol. One final three point turn and we were in position.





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